The university invitation letter requires 40 - 50 days approximately.

Some universities in some selective programs do require the IELTS but most of them doesn't.

Yes you can switch your program but it will depend on acceptance from chosen faculty.

RIBTTES doesn't provide assistance in scholarships.

Against these charges RIBTTES will provide you the service of airport clearance, reception, airport pick up, Russian sim card, one meal, dropping off to hostel, guidance session how to live in Russia, next day pickups for medical, registration of student, pick and drop for opening student bank account, student visa extension fee and 1 year full student support services in Russia.

Click the link below and fill the student application form. RIBTTES will respond as soon as your application is received. https://ribttes.com/apply-now/

The student visa process takes approximately 2 months.

Yes, your student visa can be extended till the duration of your study program but your visa category cannot be changed.

For applying in Russian university, you need to send us scanned copies of your educational documents and valid passport.

Kindly click the link to find details: https://ribttes.com/cost-student-life-in-russia/

The university allows you 1 - 2 attempts for clearing the Russian language course.

Yes, Russia allows their students to work during their academic sessions but you have to keep an eye on your attendance.

No, you pay your tuitions fee and admission fee after arriving in Russia. RIBTTES provided complete after visa services as well to their students including bank account opening and submitting university charges with so many other services.

The duration for basic Russian language course is 8 to 10 months. and for preparatory course is 1 year.

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These values vary from country to country. Kindly contact your country representative for this information.

Yes, you need to attend an entry test. Don't worry it's not that tough.

The duration for bachelors program is 4 years.

The duration for masters program is 2 years.

Yes there are many students who get scholarships in Russia.

After 3 - 4 months of your study program the university grants you work permit.

Yes they cannot travel to Russia with HIV and we cannot help our student in this regard as these are Russian embassy policies.

For details regarding Student Visa process, please visit the link below: https://ribttes.com/student-visa-assistance

You must complete all these below documents at least 5 days before your embassy appointment date. 1. Duly completed visa application form (http://visa.kdmid.ru) with a glued photo 2. Valid passport. Current Passport 3. All old Passports - You must submit all the previous passports to the Russian Embassy . 4. Original FIR Report of all stolen / missing Passports - If any of your old passport is missing / stolen / lost then you must get its FIR report from your local police station. 5. English Translation of your FIR Reports of stolen Passports. (This English Translation of FIR must also be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan. ) 7. Original invitation Letter 8. Original Academic certificates. The original documents must be attested by Ministry of Education of Pakistan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan. 9. Four pictures of size 3.5 x 4.5 cm on a white background. While taking your picture, make sure that you do not wear glasses, jewelry. There must be no flash on your face and you must wear any kind of head scarf or head cover. 10. Russian Translations of your Passport. (You have to submit the photocopy of your Russian Translated Passport to the embassy. The original translation would be submitted in the Russian University on your arrival to Russia.) 11. Russian Translation of your Educational Certificates (Recent Degree and transcript) (You have to submit the photocopy of your Russian Translated Passport to the embassy. The original translation would be submitted in the Russian University on your arrival to Russia.) 12. Original University Contract for the education signed by both sides. 13. HIV test certificate. 14. Medical fitness certificate. 15. Up-to-date bank statement. ( Last 6 months till the date of visa applying - Fresh statement is required ) 16. If the bank statement is not of the applicant but of a sponsor or a relative, there should be a sponsor’s letter (affidavit). 17. Original Police Character Certificate with the contact number of issuing authority. 18. Two sets of photocopies of all these documents in sequence 19. Two photocopies of the CNIC of applicant ( to enter the Embassy / Consulate area) At least PKR 30000 in cash , so you can pay the Visa fee and Legalization Charges of the Russian Embassy. Complete all the above mentioned documents – scan them and email the scanned copies of all of your documents at support@ribttes.com.pk

Nominated translation authority in Russia would translate your documents into Russian language and carry out the notary attestation over there which is mandatory at the time of submitting the visa paper to Russian embassy in Pakistan for issuing of study visa because it would not except any paper in English language.

Russian universities offer few credit hours in selective sister universities but again the credit hour transfer would totally depend on acceptance from sister university. However, every student needs to comeback to their parent university for receiving their degree.

We only deal with state universities as we do not have any security and guarantee for private institutes. They can be shut down anytime by the government. It becomes a big serious issue for our students.

Difference between Foundation / Language and Preparatory Course: Language Course: If Student only wants to study in Russian Language, then language course is required. For the duration of 8 months to 10 months.(Language Course = Russian Language + Russian History) Foundation / Preparatory Course: If you want to apply for Bachelor Degree in Russia, after Metric, due to the difference of period of education, then one year Preparatory/ foundation course is required in demanded discipline. For the duration of 10 months to 18 months.(Foundation / Preparatory = Language Course + Demanded Discipline)

The university hostel do offer hostel mess/food. but many students who are concerned about Halal food doesn't avail this service.

The duration for PhD programs is 3 Years for Russian Speaking Students and 4 Years for Non-Russian Speakers

A medical fitness certificate and HIV test.

In order to submit your original Educational documents to the university, your educational documents (High School Marks sheet / Intermediate Marks sheet + Intermediate Marks sheet Certificate ) must be legalized from the Russian Embassy in Pakistan Legalization is the process, in which Russian Embassy would attest and validate your educational documents to be accepted by the Russian University. BUT !!! Before applying the legalization in Russian Embassy, your educational documents must be attested by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Country ( In which you have completed your education). SO at the first step , get your Educational Documents attested by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan . And then Contact the Russian Embassy Pakistan and ask for instructions for Legalizing your educational documents. https://pakistan.mid.ru/web/pakistan_en/legalization

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