Fees Structure of Russian Universities

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Latest Fees Structure of Russian Universities 2024

Fee structure of Russian Universities

Checking your budget and making calculations for your study in Russia 2024 plans?  Here are the most recent estimates of full fee structure of Russian universities of all the popular course.

Russia provides international students with an opportunity to study in some of the world’s oldest top ranked universities. With a variety of subjects in over 880 higher education institutions. Universities help foreign students by providing world class facilities at most affordable cost of life for students in Russia.

The most amazing thing about study in Russia is the reasonable fee structure. The overall expenses and the fee structure of Russian Universities are quite low as compared to UK and USA.

Tuition Fee Structure at Russian Universities

Tuition fee in Russia is mostly paid on the arrival of the student. However students have to pay full fee for the one year. The fee amount generally varies from one university to the other. This also depends on the study discipline you choose for yourself.

Tuition fee to study in Russian medium programs is very less ( around USD 3000 per year). Tuition fee for English Medium programs in Russia exceeds USD 4500 per year as per current estimates of 2024 – intake

Full fee for Russian Language Courses

In Russian universities, many courses are taught in Russian language Russian language course is required to enter in most of the Russian Universities. Such courses usually last for 10 weeks.  From  beginner to professional level certifications, these language courses fees starting from USD 2000.


Fee of Engineering in Russian Universities

Engineering at Russian universities is one of the most famous disciplines among international students. Engineering studies include a variety of programs including Civil, Energy Technology, Software, IT, ElectricalTelecommunicationIndustrial and Mechanical Engineering.

The cost for an engineering program varies from USD 3500 to USD 5000 per year.

Business and Economics Studies in Russia

Studying Business, Accounts or Economics or MBA in Russian universities may cost around USD 2500 to USD 7000 per year. Find complete list of 5 best MBA degrees to do  in Russia, the future of MBA graduates and all useful details on our page  https://ribttes.com/mba-in-russia/

Full Fee of MBBS in Russia

MBBS programs in Russia are mainly offered in Russian medium,  The students are enrolled first in the Russian preparatory course (also known as Foundation Course).  During the foundation course at medical school,  the students study Russian language as subject, Biology and Chemistry in Russian Language.
Very few Russian state universities offer MBBS in English Language in Moscow,  and they are relatively expensive.  The annual tuition fee in Russian State Universities in Moscow can be around USD 6000 to USD 8000 (per year) for English Medium MBBS.

MBBS in Russian universities offer a great variety of medical programs. From General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy to Veterinary Studies. The tuition fee for these medical courses ranges from USD 4500 to USD 12000 on yearly basis.


Arts and Social Sciences in Russia

Russia has a rich cultural history, with classical music, ballet, literature and painting , as an important part of the Russian culture and tradition from centuries.

There are a number of programs offered in the field of Linguistics, Arts and Humanities in Russian universities. The cost for these arts and social sciences programs ranges from USD 3000 to USD 5000 per year in the big universities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg Russia.


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