Dawn educational expo 2019 in Pakistan with company RIBTTES & SpbPU

Brilliant Door Opening for Pakistani’s Student wishing to study abroad

Organization RIBTTES successfully participated in Dawn Expo global educational fair in Pakistan along with Peters the Great, Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University of Russia. Dawn education expo is one of the biggest yearly advanced educational fair. Dawn educational fair was held in three most metropolitan city of Pakistan that is in Karachi Lahore and Islamabad  from from 2nd Feb  2019 to 9th Feb 2019.


From 2nd to 3rd Feb 2019 at 1200 hr to 1900 hr in Expo center


From 6th to 7th Feb 2019 at 1200 hr to 1900 hr in Royal Palm Golf and Country Club


What RIBTTES Is (Reliable International Business, Trade, Tourism and Educational Services)

RIBTTES is a Russian base company, having a sub office in Pakistan. We have collaborated with most renowned state university of Russia i.e. Saint Petersburg Polytechnic for opening the entryways of high class education of Pakistani students in Russia. RIBTTES, aims to give most neighborly and legitimate help to our Pakistani students and clients because Pakistan is an attractive country for the global market RIBTTES has been successfully recruiting students from Pakistan to Russia for last couple of years.

What RIBTTES Convey

For exploring global opportunities, there is a need of help to breach the language barrier in the wonderful country of Russia. That is why we fully educate and guide regarding selection of institute, study discipline to adopt, visa processes and how to survive or live under Russian’s challenging environments and more over regarding work permit and to acquire the citizenship.

The professionally trained team of RIBTTES in Pakistan certainly would facilitate you to understand your issues, business entrepreneurs and travelers wish to visit the Russia. So welcome you to pick a splendid future with RIBTTES in Russia!

Peters the Great, Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University

SpbPU university is well reputed state university and in top 400 world universities. Polytechnic University offers degree in accounting, architecture, art and design, medical, engineering, information technology and numerous different courses. Students can straight forwardly way to deal with RIBTTES to find their fantasy program.

Don’t miss the chance

We are very grateful to all our visitors in the Dawn Educational Expo  2019 and making our event wonderful!



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