Bachelor’s in Applied Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

  • Level of Study: Bachelors Degree
  • Medium of studies: English and Russian
  • Mode: Full-time
  • Session: Nov 2023
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Tuition fee: 500 000 Rubles
  • Admission Deadline: 2024-03-15
  • Country: Russia

Description of Course:

This program is designed to cultivate specialists in applied mathematics, equipping them with the skills to tackle intricate challenges in the development of financial strategies and models. The curriculum encompasses a fusion of courses in Mathematics, Practical Programming, and Machine Learning. Students are not only trained in computational experiments but also gain proficiency in handling extensive datasets. Furthermore, the program imparts an understanding of the language and methodology of financial technologies, enabling students to apply their acquired knowledge to address real-world issues. Upon completion, graduates are well-prepared for careers in top financial companies and hedge funds, leveraging their expertise in applied mathematics to make impactful contributions in the financial sector.


Qualifications for Graduates:

Bachelors Degree

Form of Study:

English and Russian


4 Years

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