Bachelors in International Business

  • Level of Study: Bachelors Degree
  • Medium of studies: English
  • Mode: Full-time
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Tuition fee: 372 000 Rubles
  • Country: Russia

Description of Course:

The International Business program provides students with foundational knowledge and skills in the areas of business administration, management, and economics, all with a global perspective.

Key Features:

  1.  Gain insights into real-world business management with a focus on global dynamics.
  2.  Develop high-level leadership skills to excel in diverse business environments.
  3. Acquire analytical abilities crucial for making informed business decisions.
  4. Enhance cross-cultural skills for effective collaboration in an international business setting.
  5.  Develop organizational skills to succeed in various business structures.

Program Goals:

The primary objective is to train experts in the field of international business, providing students with profound knowledge to enhance their entrepreneurial or management careers.


Upon graduation, students will be well-equipped with the skills needed to tackle the challenges of today's dynamic business world. The program achieves this through a combination of lectures, real-world business projects, internships, and global exchanges, preparing students to:

  • Start their own business.
  • Launch a successful career at a multinational corporation.
  • Thrive in the world of international business.

Qualifications for Graduates:

Bachelors Degree

Form of Study:



4 Years

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