Masters in Applied and Interdisciplinary History

  • Level of Study: Masters Degree
  • Mode: Part-time
  • Session: Sept 2022
  • Tuition fee: USD 4200
  • Admission Deadline: 2022-07-31

Description of Course:

Master's in Applied and Interdisciplinary History ( MA history in Russia ) embraces methods and practices dealing with the identification, preservation, interpretation, and presentation of historical artifacts, texts, structures, and landscapes. This program focuses on new historical approaches and methodologies, enabling students to develop strong research skills. Graduates are prepared for careers in the public sphere or in academia. The program is based in the most beautiful and second largest city of Russia, St. Petersburg, which is a UNESCO world site and rich in museums, monuments, cultural-natural and archaeological heritage sites that provide unique opportunities for practical training.

Eligibility for international students

  • Bachelors degree in arts and interest in historical subjects.
  • The applicant must posses sound knowledge of Russian, Soviet , Central Asian and European history.
  • The faculty will conduct prior interviews with applicants for selection.

Curriculum of the Graduate Program in History

The program content will be focused on the following areas for theory and practices.
  1. Introduction to World History
  2. Introduction to General Regional History
  3. Study of Historical Informational Sources
  4. Theory and History of Culture, Society,Identity, Ideology
  5. Theory and History of Environment , Science and Technology
  6. Russia in World Politics
  7. Studies in Public Policy
  8. Applied History for Northern and the Baltic Region
  9. Applied History  of BRICS, Eurasia and Russia
  10. Imperialism and Nationalism
  11. Transition in Urban History
  12. History of Politics, Ideology, Economic and Social Institutions

Career Opportunities for HSE Graduates in Applied History

The graduates in applied and interdisciplinary history possess good market values in the public research and services sector.
  • Services Sector
  • Strategic government Positions
  • Foreign representations
  • Archival Research and Development
  • Journalism and media Projects
  • Consultation and Educational Positions
  • Political Services
  • Intelligence Services

Qualifications for Graduates:

Masters Degree

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