Masters in Management and Analytics for Business

  • Level of Study: Masters Degree
  • Mode: Part-time
  • Session: Sept 2022
  • Tuition fee: USD 5000
  • Admission Deadline: 2022-07-31

Description of Course:

Masters in Management and Business Analytics is designed with the aim to enable the students to utilize the descriptive and predictive analytics of data, its concepts and techniques are used in analysis of the situations to provide the outcome in assisting the decision making. Different subjects of analytics and business modelling are taught to students according to the career path chosen by the students. The host university is among the Largest Russian Data Research centers and hold prominent position in world's top business schools.

Program Focus of Masters in Management and Analytics for Business

The program includes the subjects of:
  • Business analytics
  • Predictive modelling and analytics
  • Principle of data analytics
  • Industrial analytics
  • Web and media analytics
  • Performance analysis
  • Industrial analytics
  • Big Data Analytics for Organizations

Program Outcomes for marketing Professionals in Russia

The goal of the designed program in Masters in Management and Business Analytics is to enable the students is to have skills in the business modelling and analytics to take effective business decisions. The students are trained to be skilled in the business analytics.
  • To apply the theory and models of the business analytics in business situations and problems.
  • To develop the skill of analyzing complex problems critically analyzing and solving the business problems.
  • To develop the concept of commitment and appropriate decision making for the betterment and improvement of the business
  • To develop the skill of interpretation of the results in different situations.

Qualifications for Graduates:

Masters Degree

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