Technology of Timber Cutting and Timber Processing

  • Mode: Part-time
  • Session: Sept 2022
  • Tuition fee: USD 2200
  • Admission Deadline: 2022-07-31

Description of Course:

Engineering in Timber cutting technologies

The  undergraduate and graduate degree course is designed for the application of biological, technical and economic aspects of the timber cutting and processing field. The course covers the environmental and aesthetic concepts of the field as well. The timber engineering course is designed with a combination of compulsory core subjects and some elective subjects. The technical subjects like mathematics, physics are taught in the course to future builder and timber architects. The biological subjects of the filed like: wood technology, timber chemistry is also taught. This wood working degree for professionals in 2019 would offer:
  • The course objective is to enable the students with the knowledge of wood processing industry.
  • The objective is to impart the knowledge of basic applications of the technical subjects in the area of wood processing.
  • The students are enabled with the basic biological knowledge as well.
  • The objective is to teach the students theories concepts and methodologies of the wood processing industry and business.
  • Students are enabled to start and manage their own business