Study mbbs in Russia.

Is it a good idea to do mbbs in Russia?

Russia has the literacy rate of 99% . This is one of the highest rate among the world.The history of medical sciences in Russia dates back to 16th century. The first proper hospital as well as first medical school build in 1706 and 1707 respectively.

Russia is the 8th top study destination for international students because of its high quality modern education with very reasonable fees and great lifestyle.

Similarly the cost of doing mbbs in Russia  is very affordable compared to other countries.Now a day’s so many medical students from all over the world, aim for joining Russian Universities, mainly for mbbs, BDS and MDS. If you see the list of top 100 medical universities worldwide, approximately 30 universities are from Russia.

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Recognition and Future aspect

Ever since Russian medical degrees are recognized by WHO and UNESCO. All foreign graduate doctors can practice medicine anywhere in the world and their home country. The condition is that they need to clear tests conducted by the  local medical bodies of the particular countries. For example, in India all foreign educated doctors need to clear MCI exam. Similarly, in the USA and UK, all doctors who graduate from other countries and want to practice medicine need to clear USMLE and PLAB, exam respectively.

Medicals programs, and admissions intakes

Mbbs duration in Russia  : 1 year foundation / preparatory course  + 5 years main degree program

Mbbs in Russia fees  :   MBBS in Russia tuition fees per year starts from almost USD 3000, which can be 180,00 ruble (As per currency exchange rate May 2018 ) and goes upto USD 10,000, which can be 60,0000 ruble. Price totally depends on city and university level.

Specialization: Preventive Medicine,  Pediatric,Clinical , Pharmacy , Dentistry, Surgery , Bio Medical,  Nursing, Public Health

Sessions : The main intake session for all State universities is Sept every year. All students must submit their applications by the end of June – July every year.

Eligibility for foreign students to do mbbs in Russia

Yes you are eligible to become a doctor from Russia!

  • The age limit to study mbbs in Russia is from 17 years to 28 years at the time of application.
  • Student should have passed the 12 standard in at least 50% marks.
  • Students should have a valid passport for at least 18 months.

Major advantages – 8 reasons to do mbbs in Russia!

Here is  why international future doctors should choose Russian universities!

  • Russian medical universities offers more than 98% acceptance rate. The admission process of Russia is designed specially to save youngsters from the frustration of rejection, at the very first stage of their career.
  • Students don’t even need to appear in any IELTS or TOEFL exam . Even GRE not required.
  • Unlike other countries, Russian universities offer a special preparatory course for all the foreign students. The course is  to prepare students for taking the medical class in Russia.This includes a proper language training and revision of previous knowledge. So, that the student can easily deal with the local patients during their on study training. Understand the common medical terms and revise all the necessary concepts of biology to start their professional degree.
  • No Racism in Russia, No Religious issues! Russians are world leaders. But they will never make you feel inferior among   them. Russian people are known to be the most welcoming community.
  • Russian Universities have agreements with government and private hospitals as wells as with clinics so, they provide Internship in hospitals. In the 6 years of study , the medical student is given a professional experience in various hospitals.
  • MBBS is the most expensive course in other regions of Europe and America. But Russia offers best medical qualifications at very low cost fees structure for MBBS. You won’t only get high quality education but practical expertise as well.Read more details about  cost of student life in Russia
  • Russian medical degrees are recognized all across the world. They stand top in the UNESCO and WHO rating.
  • Teachers are very professional and friendly. They provides individual attention to each student as compared to other countries

Some important facts

  • Russians people are very welcoming. They respect foreigners as their own family.
  • High quality and modern education
  • No Entrance Exam ,Straight away direct Admission to preparatory course
  • No Donation fees and capacity fee
  • Easy Admission Process
  • Low Tuition Fee
  • Variety of medical programs with specialization
  • WHO and UNESCO approved medical universities
  • Reasonable cost of living
  • European lifestyle
  • More focus on practical aspect of doctory
  • English and Russian medium of study
  • Well-ordered and clean hostel with world class services
  • Many universities are affiliated with Government hospitals, so students can practice during their study
  • One of the best education systems in world.

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Challenges for young medical students in Russia

Need to work hard on Studies

First of all, if you want to learn medicine in Russia, then be ready and prepare yourself for lots of hard work. Medical degrees are very demanding, the standard of education in Russia is remarkable. And ultimately a hard work is the main aspect to succeed.

Own learning is essential

Learning medicine in Russia is not only about working hard; furthermore, it’s about to take responsibility for your individual wisdom and learning ability. “You have to know what you want”. Nobody can feed you by their own hands, the more you take responsibility, the more you develop yourself.

Culture differences

Russians are very cultural rich and they are very friendly with foreigners. But all foreigners should learn Russian tradition and culture activities to sink themselves with Russian people.

Climate and weather difference

Universities buildings, student hostel and other areas of cities are very well equipped with central heating system. The environment will differ depending on where you study in Russian Federation. But in general you need to be prepared for remarkably low winter temperatures. If you want to come to Russia than put this thing in your mind that Russia is cold, but after global warming there is significance change now the winter is not like before but still cold in winter but summer is quite hot.

Important to learn Russian language

As a student you need to focus on Russian language because without Russian language is very hard to survive in Russia. Even you choose English as a medium of instruction Russian is language is vital, because people of Russia love their language.

Degree Recognition Process in India /South Asian Countries

After finishing mbbs in Russia, you can do job anywhere in world as well as in Russia but if person want to practice in India or other south Asian countries, they must need to pass Medical exam (MCI examination). That exam is necessary for every person who completed MBBS from any foreign country. So it is not only about Russia.

mbbs in russia for indian students fees

“yes”]Indian students  are eligible to apply if they  are atleast 17 years old and they will complete their 12th class education by 30th June 2018!

Students waiting for their results can also apply. All students must have obtained atleast 50 % marks in their 12th class,

Every year 100s of Indian students are coming to Russian to join bachelor and master programs in medical from Russia.

In India, Russian embassy gives free tuition coaching classes to those who finished MBBS in Russia and want to practice in India. After passing this exam they allow them to do practice in India. People can open their own medical clinic as well as they can do job in any government hospital. In case, somebody is not able to clear MCI exam then he can’t open own clinic or apply for any government job but they can work in private hospitals.

Why Medical studies in Russia is better than your country ?

Medical studies in Russia is good alternative for those students who are facing problem to clear entrance exam, or if they don’t have enough money for fee or donation. Then they can save their money and time. You must keep one thing in your mind that Russian Medical Universities degree are recognized and valid all over the world.  The standard of education is great. Tuition fees are very reasonable and low as well as  living expense is affordable just like your home country.”How can i apply my student visa ” link=””

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