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www.ribttes.com is pleased to provide you full range of given services for: study, travel and business  in Russia. As the terms and conditions contain legal obligations, so it is requested to read them carefully. They are formed on the bases of our services and information provided on www.ribttes.com by the company “RIBTTES Co.Ltd.” (ООО «РИБТТИС») with the registration number 1157847031033.

  1. RIBTTES Co.Ltd. (ООО «РИБТТИС») is a legal entity with Main State Register number 1157847031033, in the name of General Director Pokhodova Elizaveta Nikolaevna acting under the Charter (hereinafter referred to as RIBTTES) which is created and acting under Legislation of Russian Federation.
  2. All the data, all the pictures and all design of our website can not be used by other person/ group/website and organization without our prior permission in writing.
  3. RIBTTES reserves all rights on its website structure and the content provided on the website, including any text, design, graphics, button icons, audio and video clips, digital downloads, data compilations and software (collectively called as, “Content”). Nobody is allowed to copy, reproduce, republish, frame, mirror, upload, post, transmit, modify, translate, use to create derivate works, sale, transfer, sub-license, distribute, disassemble, decompose, or reverse engineered, without our prior permission in writing.
  4. RIBTTES works with different direct clients agents, affiliates, partners across the globe. If some of RIBTTES clients, agents, affiliates, partners perform any commitment in front of customer or any other department on behalf of  RIBTTES, which are not given in the stated policy of RIBTTES, then RIBTTES will not be responsible for any of such commitments.
  5. RIBTTES uses the official world wide web domains of www.ribttes.com and www.ribttes.ru. We are only responsible for the correspondences, held by only these two official domain: @ribttes.com and @ribttes.ru.
  6. RIBTTES provides its services both in Russian and English languages.
  7. RIBTTES provides its services weekly in the official working time of 10 a.m. till 7 p.m. (Moscow Standard Time), from Monday till Friday; except in the cases when completion of any service  demands waiting at this day for issuing and/or formalisation some necessary documents and/or meeting of necessary person authorised for completion of the service and/or happening of an event necessary for completion of the service.


  1. By using www.ribttes.com you are legally bound by these terms and conditions which will come into effect immediately.
  2. If you don’t agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions please leave the website immediately.
  3. You as a client/visitor, ensure that you are at least at the age of 18 years old. You will use the website in a positive way and transfer only true information to others if needed.
  4. You as a client/visitor, agreed to use www.ribttes.com only for lawful purpose.
  5. All rights are reserved by www.ribttes.com for the content , design and any other applications running on the website.


  1. We do our best to provide you most accurate information related to our given products and services on our website.We hope that you will find www.ribttes.com useful and reliable.
  2. Our website contains so many links of other websites  some are government and some are private. RIBTTES will not take any responsibility for the information given to these websites or social forums.


  1. RIBTTES is providing its services in three major portions , travel to Russia,  study in Russia and business in Russia.
  2. To obtain any service you need to visit the landing pages for these services which are given on our home page www.ribttes.com. You can even use the menu link to find services pages. All the product information, prices and process have been given on these pages.
  3. All clients can register themselves at our website through dedicated login ID and password. In order to register yourself, you need to reach our representative on the contact us page.
  4. We have special dashboards for our register clients only,  where they can see private information , special packages and private chat services and their case history etc.


RIBTTES reserved all rights to the images used on www.ribttes.com . We will not allow any entity to use our graphical content and images, without the permission of RIBTTES management.


  1. RIBTTES will receive all kind of payments through its company invoice.
  2. RIBTTES is authorized from its panel  educational organisations, law firms, hotels, car services, food services, bus services, taxi services, medical services, travel guides, real estate companies, cinemas, museums, restaurants, cafe, excursion etc,  to collect their services charges  directly on their behalf, from all clients/agents/affiliates.
  3. RIBTTES registration charges are USD 99, aftervisa charges are USD 400 and admission charges are USD 699. These fees are valid for direct students till the year 2019. If any charges will be held before this date then management will revise this charges in the payment policy document.
  4. RIBTTES will not receive US dollars, Euros and any other notable currency in cash if the currency notes are with stamps, holes, cuts, staples or any kind of marking issue. In Russia only clean currency notes are allowed as per exchange rules.
  5. In case, RIBTTES staff receives cash payment from the customer, gives them to bank for currency exchange, but these currency notes are recognized by bank officer as fake;  then RIBTTES reserves a right to recognize these services provided as not paid in fact, inform law-enforcement authorities about this event along with the customer details and refuse to such customer in providing services in future for keeping its good business reputation.
  6. RIBTTES will receive the payments through company bank account transfer, cash at St. Petersburg branch office, company PayPal account and other online payment terminal given on official Invoices of company.
  7. In case the service is paid by client and  not delivered by RIBTTES, then in that case RIBTTES will pay refund the services charges/ client payment. Refund will be given in the same account from where we received payment from the client.
  8. In case the refund is to be processed through bank or Western Union or online payment terminal, then RIBTTES will deduct extra exchange and services charges from that amount.
  9. RIBTTES will not refund any amount which will be define as ‘non- refundable’  amount on the contract and  mentioned on the payment invoice.
  10. Refunds, commission and other bonuses from the RIBTTES can be settled individually through separate  deals or contract.


RIBTTES is very much concern about the safety of our clients and partners. Please take a moment to read all the following clauses mention below this.


When you visit www.ribttes.com, our web servers may assign your computer a “cookie”. “Cookies” are information that are stored on your computer’s hard disk through your web browser, for record-keeping purposes.

Cookies only identify your computer’s identity, they do not identify you personally. You can always choose not to receive a cookie file by enabling your web browser settings to refuse cookies. You can also change your web browser settings to prompt you before accepting a cookie, however, turning off cookies will limit your use of our website.

We clearly declare that we do not use cookies to identify specific users for marketing purposes. We do not use cookies to track your movements of any data after leaving our websites.

At RIBTTES, we are using SSL a and for payment we are using third party merchants who have their own checkout pages, hence we do not match cookies to your purchase information.


There are below given clauses explaining the company’s objectives for collecting, sharing, utilizing and updating its users and website visitors data

1.In order to digitally recognize our website visitors and to completely facilitate our users, clients and agents, RIBTTES collects user data by the following processes:

  • When you register on our website as student/traveler/agency/businessmen/visitor;
  • When you browse through registered agency dashboard at www.ribttes.com;
  • When you email our support members;
  • When you interact through our social media pages and comment/share and review publicly;
  • When you sign-up for our newsletter and updates;
  • When you use our query processing form to contact our team;
  • When you comment on or website blogs and posts publicly;
  • When you provide your personal details on our social media channels.

By submitting your personal data to RIBTTES, through above mentioned sources, you sign off your consent to use your personal data for sharing marketing offers, company newsletters, promotions and email updates with you.

  1. RIBTTES does not sell any of its clients/users/agents data to any entity. However, transfer of data to government authorities may become inevitable under lawful proceedings and circumstances.
  1. All social media platforms are maintained by the privacy statement of the concerned social media sites. All the participation that you make or observe on our social media is solely your own responsibility. RIBTTES does not take any responsibility of protecting your identity, when you expose yourself  through public comments and public participation that you make through our website and our social media.
  2. RIBTTES reserves all the rights to edit / hide or delete any of your public comments and activities from our website blogs/posts and from all of our social media pages.
  3. RIBTTES does not take responsibility of any of the public comments, reviews and posts  made on its social media platform, unless published by our own authorized and official social media page administrations.

Our Responsibility

  1. The company and its agents and suppliers take no responsibility for any sickness, pilferage, labor disputes, machinery breakdown, government restrains, acts of war and terrorism, weather conditions, defect in any vehicle of transportation or for any misadventure or casualty or any other causes beyond their control.
  2. If there will be any force major circumstances making RIBTTES Ltd. unable to provide the Customer with the service reserved, the company has right to substitute it for a similar service or  same level or higher.


  1. RIBTTES is not an education providing authority and does not give educational services/trainings/educational certificates.
  2. RIBTTES is not responsible for any illegal activity occurred  by behavior of students, which is not under Law of Russian Federation for example following situations arrest of students by officers of Russian Police as well as Russian immigration department, Federal Migration Service of Russian Federation, Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation etc resulting of student’s doings contrary to Russian law as well as forced deportation or imprisonment which can be the results for the  student’s doing violations to Russian law.
  3. If student discredits RIBTTES by his criminal behavior resulting his/her arrest and/or following forced deportation by corresponding state authorities and/or imprisonment,, RIBTTES reserves the right to refuse him/her in providing any services in future for keeping good business reputation.
  4. If student will not pay the tuition fee after arrival in that case the visa of student shall be canceled by the Federal Migration service on the request of educational organisation and RIBTTES. In the results student can be arrested by  police and special services any time and shall be deported to native country. RIBTTES reserves the right not to help those students who will act like that for keeping good business reputation..
  5.  If any student, agent, affiliate of RIBTTES provides any false information, fake document, RIBTTES is not responsible for possible and/or appeared consequences of the following events regarding these persons. RIBTTES strongly recommend to everyone to provide always real information and real documentation to avoid any kind of violation of Law of Russian Federation
  6. RIBTTES can provide only the guidance to obtaining visa under the procedure provided for by given Russian Legislation. RIBTTES does not have any authority to demand issuance of  visa from visa officers. Issuance of visa is the only result of checking all documents furnished and making decision by authorized officer of Russian Embassy and Consulate Bodies on issuance of visa in the presence of legal basis for this.
  7. RIBTTES and its panel universities and institutes reserve all the rights to cancel, to delay the commencement of any education program, with or without prior notifications. I SUGGEST OTHER VARIATION OF THIS POINT: RIBTTES panel universities and institutes reserve all the rights to cancel, to delay the commencement of any education program with or without prior notifications. RIBTTES informs students and/or agents about any changes happened with such educational programs instantly after becoming informed about them itself.
  8. RIBTTES and its partner universities and institutes reserve all the rights to update its tuition fees , hostel fees, administration fees and consultancy fees at anytime of the year.
  9. RIBTTES and its partner universities and institutes can not warrant keeping education fees instant because of they are not responsible for decisions resolved by corresponding authorities of the educational establishments.


  1. RIBTTES is offering after visa services to students, travelers and businessmen only coming to the cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia. Once we open services for any other city of Russia we will publish that on our website.
  2. RIBTTES will only provide those after visa services which are allowed by the acting Russian Legislation.
  3. RIBTTES will not support any of its client who will be arrested by airport services and/or in any case of violation of law, by Immigration Department, Airport Security, Customs, Federal Drug Control Service and/or Police.
  4. All kind of after visa services will be considered final only after receiving said service charges in advance.


By browsing through our website, you confirms that you abide by our DATA COLLECTION AND SHARING POLICY. RIBTTES works with trusted global affiliates and marketing partners.Any services purchased will be done under the above mentioned FEES AND PAYMENTS POLICY.

By submitting your personal information, you agree to become the part of our marketing campaigns. In case you want to update you personal data, submitted on our website, or you want to report for any inaccuracies, then you can easily reach us at:  support at  ribttes.com


These terms and conditions  from RIBTTES  is to be considered for all type of clients, agents and affiliates. If you are tourist , student or businessmen, it is mandatory agree with these terms and conditions overall.


RIBTTES reserves all rights to make changes to its policy expressed in the Terms & Conditions Statement any time with or without any prior notification. RIBTTES management will publish all the change as soon as possible to their website.

Therefore, its is highly advised to please stay updated regularly on our policy page. In case of any queries and clarifications, you can reach our management at the following address:

196627 Санкт-Петербург , п. Шушары, Московское шоссе, 278-82

Telephone: +7 (812) 718-59-96  , +7 (911) 924-89-94

Email: info@ribttes.com

Website: www.ribttes.com