Indrajeth Nedumaran


Arrived in Moscow on 25 th Sept 2017

Hi My name is Indrajeth Nedumaran, I wanted become a Sports injury specialist. and I wanted to do the best degree in sports management.

I did lot of research for my aim and discussed my desire with so many study consultancies. But results were useless because it was very hard to find a good and specific university with these program. Consultants were not able to find any university according to my desire they all suggested me to change my field and choose other program,

One day I started exploring th education in Russia. And I found RIBTTES on Google. I tried their Online Chat  consultancy and I found that these people were very professional. RIBTTES team gave e the time of 2 days for assessment and shared 5 top universities for doing Sports Management degree in Russia.

I choose the top state university in Moscow according to my fee budget and RIBTTES applied my case.  So, now I am in Moscow and I well settled here.  I am very impressed by the dedication and commitment of RIBTTES team. Thank you Guys!


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