Linda Ahmd Student


Arrived in September 2016

Hello I am Linda, and I am a Business graduate from Syria, I came to Russia in September 2016, for Russian Language course and I had very pleasant experience here.

I am a girl so it was very difficult for me to take decision to go alone in Russia without any proper knowledge and support, “The Ribttes” was recommended to me by one of my friend.  They helped me a lot in boosting my confidence. I am very thankful to them because as a girl, one of my issue was to get a safe and good accommodation and Ribttes team provided me that, the hostel facilities is amazing.  My overall experience has been really amazing and great with them.

I am really thankful for their support and guidance. There are so many ways with which they helped and encouraged me.  I wish them all the best for the future.

Their guidance make the things very easy for me. Thank you Ribttes for everything!!


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