Top 10 Degrees to study Engineering in Russia

by Jason

You know who made LEDs ? AK 47 ? Kaspersky ? Lasers or the real transformers ? Well ….It was not America! engineering in Russia was born even before you can imagine.

Top 10 Degrees in 2024 to study Engineering in Russia

Whether arsenal is your passion, Robots, Bio medics or IT … We guarantee that Russians will blow your mind with amazing technologies. Russians made most of the modern luxuries that you are enjoying today!

Russia is among  top economies of world. Known for its top rated graduates,strong defense, software and mechanical industry.

Russia  is now becoming the hub of modern education and countless employment opportunities for engineers. High tech educational centers are quickly growing in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Today, there are more than 880 Universities in Russia, making their mark in top 100 world universities.


Top technical Universities in Russia

Selection of right university for your higher education is a matter of great importance to study abroad in Russia.

The best university for you will be the one that has best of your interests within your budget. Your study visa processing is also pretty much based on the university accreditation with Russian government.

So, never ever try to run after any online program or fancy college. Always go for trusted visa support experts!

About Engineering in Russia Facts, Russians are not only ahead in the modern research, but also known for their best commercial products. Because of  this mix of  industrial growth and technical progress,  you will see that very soon,  Russian engineers will rule more than  half of the world leading companies!

why do engineering from Russia?

  1. Tuition fees of Engineering is very cheap, as compared to Europe and US.  The average engineering fees starts  $3000 per year in Russia.
  2. Russian universities offer special preparatory course to all their students. The aim of this special course is to make you ready for engineering classes. Plus ! they will revise all your maths and science concepts.
  3. Russia has executive life style. Just like European countries.  (2018 Cost of student life in Russia is as low as $ 200 per month )
  4. In addition to quality education, doing engineering in Russia will you a life time opportunity to enjoy top tourist attraction.
  5. Furthermore, students get a chance to enjoy great night life in Russia .
  6. Students gets offers of internships in best companies.
  7. Finally, Russia has more than 100 industrial cities. You can easily get settle in Russia, after completing your degree.

Do you want to study in world’s top institutions? While enjoying the most exotic landscapes on earth?

Which city is cheap for students in Russia ?

Although city of  Moscow attracts the attention of many people! People love it as the most popular city of Russia. But living here is really tough for the new people coming to Russia.

Moscow is not only the capital of Russia, but also the most expensive city of Europe.  You cannot afford to live and spend in the richest city of Russia as a cost saving student.

Apart from this, many of the Moscow universities are directly working on defense, government and national research project. Therefore,   the competition gets very tough among the national and international students in Moscow.

On the other hand, Saint Petersburg is a multi culture city of Russia. It offers a very balanced combination of cost and quality education to foreign students. It is the second largest city of Russia. Also known as the Cultural capital of Europe.

Saint Petersburg has greatest universities of Russia. In addition to students, this city hosts millions of foreign travelers every year. With most affordable fees, accommodation prices, cost of life and amazing tourist attractions of Europe.

Moscow life is very busy, while in saint peters, the living style is very enjoyable. Festivals, arts and countless places to visit when you are free. As, the good life standard is much  more affordable in peters.  Therefore, our vote goes to Saint Petersburg for all the new students.

Jobs for engineers in Russia 2024

Russia offers  a lot of career choices for its graduates. Most of foreigners get jobs in international firms, airlines, construction, software,  shipping, mining  and in other lines.

As speaking about the Future of Engineering in Russia, many  multinational companies are hiring Russian graduates from executive positions to blue-collar jobs. Therefore, Russian universities are now attracting millions of foreign researchers and science students across the world.

Hence, Russia is not only a great study country, but also a great life time package of career opportunities !

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We have great discount offers on fees for our students. Share your career goals with us. And we will give you the best career choices to make your life in Russia! Especially our after visa services are always like a gift for the new students, who are coming to St. Petersburg Russia for the first time. RIBTTES will help all the students in any required services. Starting from their airport pick up to their accommodations in Russia.


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