Novosibrisk State University

Established: 1959

Students: 7000 / Foreign students: 1400

Faculties: 9 /Academic chairs: 115

Lecturers: 52

Professors Assistant professors Doctors of science Candidate of science
570 880 570 1272
Bachelor's programme Master's programme Specialist's programme Additional programme
61 117 2 57
Novosibrisk State University NSU is one of the leading universities in the field of science located in the industrial hub of Novosibrisk. The university has some leading scientists collaborations for the promotion of scientific and research work of students. The university was established to incorporate the scientific research into education and promote the scientific studies with research among students. The university has been established as one of the largest educational and scientific center. The university comprises of nearly 35 institutions of research and promotes innovation through its technology park. The culture of scientific research is promoted in the university as the university focuses on the training of students in the field of science in the educational process to produce specialists in the field of science. The students are provided with the latest and best amenities for the research. The university houses nearly 100 scientific research laboratories. The university offers the Bachelors, Masters and Postgraduate programs. The university offers residency to students of medicine. There are programs which are offered in Russian and English language. The university offers the research facilities in the areas of Advanced Physics, Medicine, Engineering, Materials, Technology, Mathematics and more. The university has produced nearly 50,000 students as specialists in different fields who are working globally.