Masters in Energy Efficient Sustainable Building

  • Level of Study: Masters Degree
  • Mode: Part-time

Description of Course:

The masters degree in Energy efficient sustainable buildings 2019 is a high demand degree of modern era. The program is designed to enable the students to gain high level of knowledge in the design, construction and maintenance of the energy efficient buildings. The knowledge for the sustainability of the energy efficient buildings is the core objective of the program. The degree in energy efficient buildings  is designed for different major expertise. The students are trained to gain experience in the areas described below:
  • Updated knowledge of the energy efficient solutions
  • Structural design and its analysis
  • Civil engineering insights
  • Management of the energy efficient projects
  • Budgeting and planning of energy efficient projects
The course is equipped with research, taught and practical sections equally. The research is significant part of the course with training in the research progress and research process. In the practical section, students are given hands on training on the latest tools and equipment for design and construction purpose. The course is designed to have different practical applications:
  • The course has its application in the planning and design of the buildings
  • The course has its application in the construction process
  • The course has application in the management of the buildings in energy efficient manner.
  • The course finds its application in the investment sector as well.

Qualifications for Graduates:

Masters Degree

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