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Top 5 Degrees to join MBA in Russia 2018!

Moscow made the headlines recently when HSBC survey found that foreigners in
Russia are extremely highly paid in the world. So does it mean that very highly paid jobs are easy pickings for the graduates of MBA in Russia?

This is not an easy pick. An MBA is worthy qualification and multinationals banks and consulting companies require MBA graduates in Russia, but the organization needs a good knowledge of the local business environment as well.

Bachelors in business or equivalent professional education is required to apply for the 2018 admissions of MBA in Russia.

“MBA Finance” open

MBA Finance / Masters in Finance

Tuition Fee: 290,000 Rubble per year

This program is offered for finance and accounting professionals.  that further wants to excel in their field. The program is offered as per the standards of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

This program is also designed to offer the necessary financial , analytical and risk management knowledge for executive managers. And for scholarly researchers in the field of Finance and Financial Management. This program will include creating and developing skills in financial management and Risk-Management for financial organizations as well as non-financial companies.

” Management and Analytics for Business” open

Masters in Management and Analytics for Business

Tuition Fee: 290,000 Rubble per year

This is the latest degree program for international students in Russia.

This program is recently added to teach analytical skills for modern world  professionals. This Master’s program will provide the unique opportunity to gain cutting-edge knowledge in the traditions of the best business schools in Europe and globally. This Program is designed for the future leaders and business managers who can work in a versatile and challenging environment and also capable of making and developing, fresh and innovative business models or plans.

” International Business Management” open=”no”

Masters in International Business Management

Tuition Fee: 286,000 Rubles per year

This masters program is created and designed to deliver complete knowledge and practical skills to managers. The program teaches great level of leadership, and management skills in the area of international business. The main aim of this program is providing opportunities to business professionals and managers by applying their skills, creativity, and knowledge to meet global demands.

Masters  in Innovative Entrepreneurship

Tuition Fee: 264 000 Rubles per year

The main purpose of this course is to enable and support fresh professionals to make an incredible advantage for their international career. The program provides unique chance to turn an idea of a successful business into the reality with the help of our associates in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation. With the help of this program, professionals can turn an idea into a productive and profitable business through positive risk-taking and innovation.

” International Business Development” open

Masters in International Business Development

Tuition Fee  : 264 000 Rubles per year

International Business Development (IBD) is a truly global education program which aims to build the business developers of tomorrow. The program focuses on the implementation of strategies for business development processes. It provides students with the analytical decision tools they will require to make the professional decisions with high-level of leadership, analytical, cross-cultural and management skills in the field of international business.

The program is planned for understudies who wish to increase understanding and knowledge into business development in large worldwide companies as well as medium and small-sized companies.


Minimum Requirements to Apply for MBA 2018

  • Bachelors degree ( 14 to 16 years of education )
  • English language proficiency Test  for non – native English speakers (IELTS)
  • If you have not taken IELTS/ TOFEL then we can simply arrange and Interview in English with a program coordinator in our partner universities (Skype option is available)


Salary of MBA graduates in Russia

MBA in Russia, MBA Admissions for Indians, MBA Visa Russia 2018If you are intelligent and smart enough, then you will achieve your targets in Russia anyways. According to the marketing survey, the salaries of MBA professionals starts from around $ 20000 to $ 65000 per year. This figure is highly attractive as compared to other European countries.

The luxurious life style of Moscow and Saint Petersburg is a perk for the expatriates working in Russia!

MBA Fee for Foreign Students  in 2018

MBA in Russia, MBA Admissions for Indians, MBA Visa Russia 2018, RIBTTES Consultant Pakistan, RIBTTES Consultant India, Easy Visa RussiaFor the class of 2018  – 2019 , average tuition fees  of MBA  in Russia is about $4,000  to $6,000  per year.

It depends on the rating of accepting universities.  Also on the choice of cities. Tuition fee in Moscow is very expensive as compared to all other cities of Russia.

Whereas doing MBA in Saint Petersburg, is most affordable in top rated state universities.

Duration of MBA Degree in Russia

MBA in Russia, MBA Admissions for Indians, MBA Visa Russia 2018, RIBTTES Consultant Pakistan, RIBTTES Consultant India, Easy Visa RussiaMBA in Russia is generally a 2 years program.

Part time MBA program depends on the time line an individual decide to complete the degree in.

For executive MBA in Russia, 18 months programs are offered for professionals.

Depending on the accepting universities, students can request their faculty to adjust their credit hours and semesters in part time schedule.

Scope of MBA in Russia

MBA in Russia, MBA Admissions for Indians, MBA Visa Russia 2018, RIBTTES Consultant Pakistan, RIBTTES Consultant India, Easy Visa RussiaConsidering a very high  number of Multinational companies, expat-oriented restaurants and pubs in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Jobs for foreigners in Russia often tend to be in the extremely highly skilled category. Usually offered at the management or senior management level.

The MBA graduates from Russian universities are given equal importance as other candidates from European universities.

How to Find MBA Jobs in Russia

MBA in Russia, MBA Admissions for Indians, MBA Visa Russia 2018, RIBTTES Consultant Pakistan, RIBTTES Consultant India, Easy Visa RussiaThe most important thing for a foreigner is to get a good knowledge of European Market and Russian language.

It will help them a lot in interaction with local people (Russians) as well as in job searching. Foreigners will have a better chance of getting work if they posses strong subject and market knowledge.

There are many job-hunting websites in Russian, here are a few useful links in English to get you started: Headhunter, XpatJobs, InJob.

MBA degree can make a positive influence and helpful in your career. However, it also needs a good personal attitude, local Russian language speaking skills and a little bit of luck!

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