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Russian is not just some local language. It is the language of modern world leaders. You can also make a great change in your life, with a Russian language course… !

Here is what you can get with Russian Language Course

Learning local language is always the best way to understand any community. Talking in the local language , makes it very easy to get settled in new people. . . But there are some pro languages, that bring most amazing options of success to you.  Same is the magic of learning Russian language !

Some people take it as a hobby or some learn languages in studies. But learning a second language can bring great benefits to your personal and professional dealings as well. Furthermore…. learning a second language also slows down aging in you.


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Russian Language in the world

Russian is the 5th largest language of the world. Two hundred million people speaks Russian language across the globe. Ukraine, Estonia , Moldova, Kazakhstan and other soviet countries also speak Russia.

Internationally renowned organizations like NATO,  Red Cross, UNESCO, UN and many others recognize Russian as one of their official languages.

Russian language importance in technology

Russian is the second biggest language of Internet. If you fail to find something in English, try Russian.

Russia is the second most advanced nation in terms of internet technology.

  • Russians don’t use Google. But they have their own advanced browser
  • Russians don’t use Facebook. But they have their own VKontakte
  • Russians normally don’t  use so much PayPal. . But they their own best e currency system called Web money and it is world known e-currency
  • After English, the largest resource of digital content and latest researches are available in Russian language. Rather, Russian has the best classical and exotic literature available.

Russian Literature

Why should you learn Russian language?


Because you are struggling day and night to get settled in a developed country!

You are not the first one to plan success shortcuts, its epidemic these days 🙂

Russian language is main language in full central Asian countries and many European countries.


Lets Talk Russian

 Russia is the 2nd largest immigration heaven!

Among the other European countries, Russia is the most desirable countries for living abroad.  Great life style , growing economic, welcoming policies, business opportunitiesworld class education and career. Most of all, Russia has very easy visa processing as compared to other countries.

Name your wish and you will get it in Russia!

Russian has opened doors to visa and employment to the world.  Russian believes in high ethical and moral values. They support family culture. Hence getting married in Russia and apply for Russian citizenship is very much promising for settling in Russia.

But, the main issue in Russian do not speak English. To deal with them, it becomes a need to learn their language.

So if you are smart enough to do a quick Russian language course, then the whole world of opportunities will be yours.

To Get Russian Visa


There are many language centers that offers flexible courses for you come to Russia on Russian language course. Starting from 20 weeks to 1 – year, you can easily plan a language course trip to Russia. This Russian language student visa will give you a great time to explore and enjoy Russian for work and living.

Select which language course is best for your Russian Visa!

Russian language has many course options

  • Russian Language for business
  • Russian Language for translations
  • Russian Language for students
  • Russian Language for cultural  studies
  • Russian language for visa application
  • Russian language for citizenship

Certificates of Russian Language

There are exam levels to pass Russian. Elementary Level A1 and Basic Level A2 are the most basic ones .  However, there are total four advanced certificates.

  1. First Certificate B1
  2. Second Certificate B2
  3. Third Certificate Level (C1)
  4. Fourth Certificate Level (C2)


To get Russian Passport

Russian citizenship is  easy to process, as compared to UK and US. Understanding  and speaking Russian language is one of the must requirement to get Russian citizenship.

“Comprehensive exam in Russian as a foreign language, Russian history and Fundamentals of Russian Legislation”. This test is most important to apply for the citizenship of Russia.


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For career success

Is your qualification setting you apart? Try learning Russian then!

A unique language skill always make you stand among the common people. Learning Russian language gives you a high edge over other foreigners to get good jobs in Russia. It gives you a good chance to start working in international job market as well.

(Read on getting jobs in Russia )

Russia is your Future!

To attract Russian beauties

Dare to ask a Russian on a date ?

Russian women are most beautiful in the world. While you make lot of other tricks to get a  girl, yet speaking Russian is most powerful!

Russian Actress Mila Kunis


10 lines you need to introduce your self in Russia

For travelling exotic places

Learning Russian will help you fully explore the native places n Russia. You can have someone to help you with language in Moscow or St. Petersburg. However, it is very hard to find good English speakers in Russia. Especially in the small cities of Russia.

Most of the Russian amazing tourist spots are in small old cities. Hence, it becomes a plus point if you know Russian language on your tours.

Apply Russian language course visa with RIBTTES

No mater whats your choice, but you cannot ignore the importance of Russian language course. Russian is not great to learn, but also very much effective for your success. Its is a new trend. And it will become the most desired professional skill very soon.

RIBTTES is now offering a special fees discount for Russian language courses!

Just take out sometime for Russian language. And get a quick visa support for Russia. Our people will take care of all legal works and visa support. From documents to coming to Russia, airport pick and drops, your accommodation in Russia.

Everything will be our responsibility!

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