Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Established: 1951

Students: 7364 / Foreign students: 800

Faculties: 11 /Academic chairs: 146

Lecturers: 21

Professors Assistant professors Doctors of science Candidate of science
53 134 72 246
Bachelor's programme Master's programme Specialist's programme Additional programme
4 7 1 1
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) is a leading Russian university. It holds TOP- 3 position in the national ranking. MIPT specializes in physics and technology. Having a reputable position in the country, MIPT qualified graduates represents elite circle of scientists spread across the world. MIPT holds educational programs in the wide range of fundamental and applied physics, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, biology, computer technologies and other fundamental sciences, presenting graduate, masters and Phd degrees. The mission of MIPT is to expand the science and technology to solve the technological and scientific concerns. Holds the 42th - Position in QS International ranking for physics and astronomy. Today, MIPT holds prestigious ranking as Advanced research center Have 10 Nobel Prize Laureates among professors and alumni. Advance research and scientific engineering center with 80 labs.