Student from India Gurpreet for Preparatory Course- Ribttes Student

Arrived in Saint Petersburg on 26-11-2017

Hi, My Name is Gurpreet and I am from Haryana  India , I was Searching for study in Russia then i found Ribttes via You tube last year but i didn’t contact them because they based in Russia that I went to local study consultants but In my country they charge so much amount even before visa and before arrival, After wasting lot of time I contact Ribttes . They are really good ,  firstly they assess my case and after the assessment they ask me to Pay USD 100 for Registration and for visa invitation. and all the other amount i paid after visa and after arrival. they find very good State university for me in Saint peters burg according to my field. right now I am in Russia and doing Russian Language foundation course this course will lead me to the degree program next year. I am very thankful to Ribttes for their hard work.  They save my year Thank you.


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